Our most important goal is that when our patients leave our office for the last time, they not only have experienced a resolution of their symptoms but feel ownership of their continued progress and more confident in their knowledge of their pelvic floor.

As physical therapists, we are experts in observing and evaluating neuromuscular function in the body. Many people have had exposure to PT for other regions of the body, but the pelvic floor can often be an embarrassing, confusing or intimidating topic for those seeking treatment. At Miracle Physical Therapy, we strive to create a welcoming environment where patients feel safe and comfortable in an open dialogue about the pelvic floor.


Your first visit with us will be a one-hour evaluation. We begin by taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, goals and medical history.  Next, we will evaluate specific function of the muscles, nerves and connective tissue in your abdominals, hips and pelvic floor in order to develop a diagnosis and plan of care. For the majority of our patients, we recommend an internal vaginal exam as part of this complete evaluation; however, you are always allowed to decline or interrupt the exam at any time.  We do not use stirrups or a speculum as a part of the exam.  We also do not perform an internal exam if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or if your bag of waters has opened.

Our patients receive a comprehensive explanation of their diagnosis and plan of care – we believe that education is the first and most important step in treatment! At the end of your visit, you will receive a personalized program to continue your improvements outside of therapy sessions.

Follow-up visits are generally 30 minutes long and spaced 1-3 weeks apart, but we may recommend a different plan of care based on your specific needs.  For those requiring more care we are available as needed for longer or more frequent appointments.  We love to develop positive and lasting relationships with our patients and welcome check-ins and questions between visits.