If you’re an expectant mom, I recommend visiting Annemarie for perineal therapy. The sessions helped me understand which muscles to use. I wasn’t afraid to push during labor because I’ve already had a “glimpse” of the sensation, making labor shorter.
— P.H.
In the end, the prep paid off. I gave birth to a tiny human and didn’t need a single stitch. I would definitely recommend Miracle PT to anyone who’s pregnant or who has given birth and needs some help putting things back together. These ladies know what they’re doing!
— M.B.
I definitely used the comments and muscle movement suggestions you provided. I also had no fear around the sensation, and the end result was a small tear that didn’t require stitching [...] I’m thrilled all around! With my recovery so much easier than last time, we have more time to focus on keeping the baby fed, dry and alive :)
— E.H.
The “work out” Annemarie gave my perineum helped me mentally and physically prepare for the pressure of delivering a baby.
— E.C.
I saw Annemarie to help get my perineum into shape before giving birth. I was very worried about this. She gave me great exercises to help me prepare. I had one small 1st degree tear and no stitches. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.
— N.G.